Support available

Your training provider understands you are learning and how important it is for you to have the support you need to fulfil your potential.  They are familiar with the sources of stress that can affect you. These can include issues both inside and outside of study or relate to your health or a disability.

Support is available from a wide range of individuals and groups including:

  • personal tutors

  • student health services

  • disability advisors

  • occupational health services

  • confidential counselling eg. through your university/college support services

  • student groups

  •  your employer

Your training provider will tell you what help and support is available on your course. The most important thing is to tell a suitable person eg. your trainer, supervisor, mentor or employer, depending on your circumstances, if you are worried about anything that could affect your work so they can help. They can give you the appropriate support and where possible, make reasonable adjustments to assist you on the course. 

If you are worried about a fellow student, it is also important to tell a suitable person such as a member of staff so they can provide the right support.

Support or advice may also accessible through your student union or the professional association related to your registrant category.

Information for applying to join the register

​You can download Cr​iminal convictions and cautions, and​ Health certification guidance from this page.

Read this as soon as possible when you begin your training to check whether your training provider needs to know about any information that could affect your place on the course and ability to register. Your training provider will help with understanding the information.

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