The scope of your practice

​The Scope of Practice sets out the skills and abilities each registrant group should have. It is not an exhaustive list of all tasks that someone can do. Your scope of practice is likely to change over the course of your career, whether because of changes in the technology of dentistry, or your further training and development.

​​The Scope of Practice also describes additional skills that you might develop after registration to increase your scope of practice. You may expand your scope by developing additional skills, or you may deepen your knowledge of a particular area by choosing more specialised practice.

You should only carry out a task or type of treatment or make decisions about a patient’s care if you are sure that you have the necessary skills and are appropriately trained, competent and  indemnified. If you are unclear exactly what this means you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I trained to carry out this task or treatment?
  • Do I feel competent to carry out this task or treatment?
  • Am I indemnified/practice covered to carry out this task or treatment?   

If a task, type of treatment or decision is outside your scope of practice or you do not feel that you are trained and competent to do it, you must refer the patient to an appropriately trained colleague. You must practise in accordance with the Council’s standards document Standards for the Dental Team​ at all times.​

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