Apply for temporary registration

Find out if you are eligible

You are eligible for temporary registration if your dental degree is accepted by NARIC UK. Please contact NARIC UK for how to obtain eligibility for your qualification.  If your qualification is accepted, NARIC UK will provide you with a letter confirming approval, which must be submitted with your first application for temporary registration.

Please note, you are responsible for paying NARIC UK for any charges incurred for having your qualification recognised.  We will not reimburse any charges.

Apply for approved posts

Once you have confirmed your eligibility for temporary registration you may seek advice on employment matters from the National Advice Centre for Postgraduate Dental Education (NACPDE) and start looking for employment in an approved post

Please note that your eligibility for certain training posts is dependent upon your UK Border Agency visa. If you require further information on the new immigration legislation, please visit the UK Border Agency website.

Request an application form

Once you have an offer of employment for an approved post, and have supporting documentation that can be provided appropriate to your post, you can then apply for registration online via eGDC by selecting ‘Apply to register’. For information please refer to our Temporary Registration Guidelines using the link below.

Temporary Registration Guidelines (187 KB, PDF).

Please note, you will be asked to complete the route to registration questionnaire.  Following completion of the online application process, you will be issued with a personalised application form to download, print, sign and submit along with your supporting documents.  Submitting an online application form could reduce the time it take to process your application.

Alternatively, please contact us to request an application form.

Temporary registration cannot be granted prior to obtaining an offer of employment in a post approved by the Council. Please do not send any documents to the Council before you have an offer of employment for an approved post.

Please note, you will be asked to declare on your application form that you have or will have appropriate indemnity arrangements in place when you begin to work. For more information please refer to the GDC's Standards guidance.

Complete and return application form

Your application will be considered complete only when all areas of the application are filled in by the appropriate people, are current (where applicable) and are accompanied by the additional supporting documentation. Please ensure that you read the guidance notes found at the back of the application form.

You can submit your completed application form and supporting documents either by post or in person. You can submit your completed application form either by post or in person.

Payment will be requested once your application is processed and considered complete. Please see our Registration fee page for details of the fee required.

Processing times

Please allow a minimum of 20 working days for your application to be processed. Applications may take longer to process if they are incomplete or further information is required. Please note we do not fast track or prioritise applications for any applicant, and applications are dealt with in the order that they are received by the Registration Team.

Temporary registration certificates

Please note that hardcopies of temporary registration certificates are not issued to temporary registrants. Temporary registrants will be able to print certificates straight from their eGDC account. Details of how to do this will be sent by email once temporary registration has been granted.

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