After you have passed the ORE

​When you pass the ORE you will be sent your Part 2 results by email.  In your results email you will be directed to the online application form ​in order to apply for full registration on the GDC dentists register.

ORE dentists application advice sheet (275.4 KB, PDF)

The GDC assessments team will be sent the names of the people who passed the ORE, so there is no need for you to contact them separately.

If you have changed your name since applying for the ORE and wish to be registered under your new name, you will have to send a certified copy of your name change document with your registration application.

When you send back your completed registration application form, registration fee and valid certificate of good standing, our assessments team will take over and you no longer need to communicate with the exams team. 

Working in the UK

The Home Office has removed the categories of ‘employed dental practitioner’, 'employed dental assistant' and ‘vocational dental practitioner’ from the list of UK shortage occupations.

You may also be asked to do up to a year’s Vocational Training (VT) in order to work for the NHS.  This will be influenced by your qualifications and experience and will be at the discretion of the Primary Care Trust which employs you.

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