The General Dental Council is funded by the fees registrants pay to get on, and remain on, the Register. We do not receive any funding from patients or the government. Council members make the decision about the annual retention fee, usually at their September meeting each year when they discuss the budget.

Fees explained

Registration fee: All dental professionals pay a fee to enter their name onto the dentist or dental care professional Register for the first time. This is the registration fee.
Annual retention fee (ARF): Once you are registered, you will need to pay the annual retention fee for each year you would like your name to remain on the Register.
Restoration fee: If you remove your name from the Register, or you are removed by us for non-payment of the ARF or non-completion of CPD hours and you apply to restore your name, you will pay a restoration fee

Why do I need to be registered?

Every team member has a responsibility to the patient who is being treated. Registration enhances patient safety, improves the quality of dental care and helps ensure public confidence in dental regulation. There are a number of other factors to be considered:
  • In order to practice as a dentist, or to use the title of a dental care professional in the UK you are required by law to be registered with the GDC.
  • Employers including the NHS will check you are registered and are routinely updated about people who are removed from the register.
  • Indemnity providers won't offer membership to dental professionals who aren't registered with the GDC.
  • When we have evidence that leads us to believe public safety is at risk we are committed to take legal action against individuals who work outside the law.
  • You can affect the well-being of patients even if you never meet them face to face, for example, dental technicians who work away from the dental surgery must make appliances that are correct for the patients.

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