Recording and submitting CPD

It is important that you keep your CPD records up-to-date and safe. It is a requirement under ECPD that you make a statement every year, even if you have completed 0 hours of CPD. You may be asked to send in to the GDC your CPD record, including documentary evidence as well as your Personal Development Plan (PDP) and activity log at the end of every year and after the end of your CPD cycle.


How should I record my CPD?

As part of the eCPD scheme you are required to complete and keep a personal development plan (PDP) and an activity log in conjunction with your CPD documentary evidence.
You can log your CPD hours and make your annual statement at any time using your eGDC account, but you must also keep all documentary evidence you receive for all verifiable CPD that you undertake, as we may ask to see it. You should also keep a written record of all the CPD that you do. 
You must keep your CPD records for five years after the end of the cycle in which they were completed, as we may need to see them. 

When should I send in my CPD?

Towards the end of each registration year, which ends on 31 December for dentists and on 31 July for DCPs, you will be asked to log in to your eGDC account and make an annual declaration of the CPD hours you have completed in that year.
At the end of each CPD year, you may be asked to send in your documentary evidence for the verifiable CPD you have done, as well as your PDP and activity log. You should only send in your CPD record if you are specifically asked to do so.

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