Suspension or conditions

Shortly after the hearing, if your registration has been suspended or made conditional by one of the following committees:

  • The Interim Orders Committee (IOC) or;
  • Practice Committee (PC);

a Case Review Team (CRT) officer will write to you and your legal representatives regarding compliance with the order. The role of the CRT is to monitor your compliance with the order.

The responsibility for complying with the order is yours but the CRT will assist you by providing deadlines and a point of contact if you have queries, particularly if you do not have the support of a defence organisation.

If the order is breached, the CRT will notify the lawyer dealing with your case. The lawyer may request an early review of your case.

If your order is subject to a review, you will receive a Notice of Hearing from our solicitors in due course detailing arrangements for the next review hearing.

If you are represented, your defence organisation/solicitor may assist you with making the relevant arrangements.

If you are not represented, you may find the Information guide for unrepresented registrants useful.

Further information about suspension and conditions:

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