The Alert Mechanism

The Alert Mechanism will allow regulators in host States to better identify certain professionals who have been prohibited or restricted from practising in another EEA State​. This, in turn, will provide greater security and protection for patients.

Within three days of a decision to prohibit, suspend or restrict a professional’s practice, even on a temporary basis, all regulators will have to notify their overseas counterparts. Professionals who applied for recognition using falsified documents will also be subject to this Alert Mechanism, which came into effect on 18 January 2016 and will not be retrospective.

As a minimum, the regulator will need to include a professional’s name as well as their date and place of birth in order to allow other regulators to identify that individual.

The alert must indicate the period during which the restriction applies, including the date this decision was made. It must not contain any background information, justification or reasoning as to why the decision was made, however, regulators can request further information on an alert. They are also required to update previous alerts, should a revoking decision, or proceedings by the professional, be made.

Finally, the regulator needs to inform the individual this alert has been sent. They must also advise on the professional’s right to appeal and which remedies for damage caused by false alerts are available.

A list of dental competent authorities in each EEA Member State is available here.

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