What is GDC2GO?

GDC2GO allows you to collect pages and take them with you when you leave the site. Each time you find a page you would like to keep, click on the GDC2GO button and the page will be added to your basket.

When you have finished collecting pages, scroll down and click on the GDC2GO button at the bottom of the left hand navigation bar. Here you can see how many pages you have. Click Create it! to create a PDF of all the pages you have collected. You can save and print this PDF.

You will need Adobe Reader to view and print your PDF. You can download this free from the Adobe website.


The GDC aims to provide accurate information on its website, and the content changes regularly. Therefore, GDC2GO PDFs should only be used as a guide and, if required, users should contact the GDC to ensure they have the correct information.
Any material copied using GDC2GO must be used for private research, study or in-house use only. Content from the website must not be published, modified or distributed without the permission of the GDC.



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