Research library

​Research library

Our research library contains reports, survey results and other information which we have used in our policy development and strategic decisions.

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About the GDC

2012 Annual Registrant Survey
2011 Annual Registrant Survey
Changes to Dental Provision in the UK and the Implications for the GDC: A Policy Horizon Scanning Report
2013 Annual Registrant Survey

Continuing assurance

The Impact of Continuing Professional Development in Dentistry: A Literature Review
Registrant and Provider Perspectives on Mandatory CPD in Dentistry in the UK
Revalidation: The Patient Perspective
Revalidation Stage 1 Feasibility Study Final Report
Evaluation of Supporting Evidence Types for Revalidation Stage 1
Rapid industry assessment of CPD in dentistry
Comparative Analysis of CPD Monitoring, Audit and Enforcement
Risk in Dentistry
Evaluation of Remediation Support in UK Dentistry
Evaluation of Potential Supporting Evidence for Continuing Assurance of Practice in Dental Regulation

Direct access

Patient Research into Direct Access
Benefits and Risks of Direct Access to Treatment by Dental Care Professionals: A Rapid Evidence Review

Patients and the public

Public Attitudes to Tooth Whitening Regulation
2012 Annual Patient and Public Survey
2011 Annual Patient and Public Survey
2013 Annual Patient and Public Survey
2014 Annual Patient and Public Survey
Word of Mouth: Online Patient and Public Panel
2015 Patient and Public Survey


Patient and Public Attitudes to Standards for Dental Professionals, Ethical Guidance and Use of the Term Doctor
Feedback on the Standards from stakeholders
Dental professional awareness of the Standards for the Dental Team
Raising concerns
Duty of Candour- Public and Patient Consultation