End of CPD cycle approaches

6 March 2013

End of CPD cycle approaches

The GDC is continuing to remind almost 40,000 dental care professionals (DCPs) that in less than 5 months’ time they will come to the end of their first five year cycle of continuing professional development (CPD).

By 31 July 2013 they must have completed 150 hours of CPD. This is a legal requirement and registrants will have until 28 August 2013 to declare the hours that they have completed or risk losing their GDC registration.

What is CPD and why is it so important?

The purpose of CPD is to support registrants in being able to practise in accordance with the GDC’s Standards and provide high-quality care to patients.

CPD is study, training, courses, seminars, reading and other activities which advance the professional development of dental professionals.

It should be relevant to the registrant’s current scope of practice and future intended practice.

Quality CPD

When providing ‘verifiable’ CPD the law states that there must be quality controls in place. 

If registrants are unhappy with the CPD which they’ve paid for – or accessed for free - they should give feedback or complain direct to the provider.

Where this involves the way CPD has been advertised, including online advertising, individuals may complain direct to the Advertising Standards Authority.   

Reflecting on CPD

All registrants are reminded that the GDC’s ‘Standards for dental professionals’ says registrants should continuously review their knowledge, skills and performance and reflect on them.   

Reflecting on CPD may also enable it to have a greater impact on their practice.  

What DCPs have told us so far

Of the 39,880 DCPs in the cycle, 15,607 have completed all their hours and 4,167 have yet to declare any.

A number of case studies are available on the GDC’s website as examples of what other people are doing.


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