Dentist struck off for working without indemnity insurance

15 February 2013

Dentist struck off for working without indemnity/insurance


A dentist has been struck off by the General Dental Council (GDC) following a public hearing, which he didn’t attend, for working without professional indemnity/insurance.

All GDC registrants are required to make sure they have adequate and appropriate arrangements in place so that patients can claim any compensation they may be entitled to.

The allegations heard by the GDC’s Professional Conduct Committee were in connection with incidents that happened between 2009 and 2011 when Laszlo Gyurkovits (Registration No.63579) was working at practices, at different times, in Stoke-on-Trent, Cheshire and Lancashire.

In addition to working without appropriate professional indemnity/insurance in place, it was found that Mr Gyurkovits lied on an application form to join the Dental Performer List of NHS Central Lancashire in 2010 by declaring he had indemnity/insurance, when in fact he didn’t.

In considering this case, the Committee noted:

“Mr Gyurkovits’ dishonest behaviour was not a single, isolated incident. It was repeated and sustained with different employers and individuals over a period of nearly two years. He has not accepted the nature of his dishonesty and the on-going effects on his patients should any of them need to make an insurance claim.”

In the circumstances the Committee determined that the only appropriate and proportionate sanction, to protect patients, maintain  standards and uphold confidence in the dental profession, was that of erasure.

Unless Mr Gyurkovits exercises his right of appeal, his name will be struck off the register in 28 days’ time.

More details can be found on the GDC’s website



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Notes to editors:

1. The General Dental Council is the UK’s dental regulator. Its role is to protect dental patients. It was set up by Parliament but is independent of the Government and the NHS. By law, dental professionals (both NHS and private) must be registered with the GDC to work in the UK. It regulates all dental professionals: clinical dental technicians; dental hygienists; dental nurses; dental technicians; dental therapists; dentists; and orthodontic therapists.

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