Dental regulator prosecutes Newbury illegal tooth whitening

Dental regulator prosecutes Newbury illegal tooth whitener

7 March 2016

A woman has pleaded guilty to carrying out tooth whitening illegally at a Newbury beauty salon and was fined £1,000 in a prosecution brought by the General Dental Council (GDC).

At a case heard at Reading Magistrates’ Court on 4 March 2016, defendant Jade Mitchell was holding herself out as being prepared to practise tooth whitening at Secrets nail and beauty salon, Market Street on 25 November 2015 when she was not on the GDC’s list of registered dental professionals.

Ms Mitchell ignored previous warning letters sent by the GDC telling her to stop performing tooth whitening.

In her defence, Ms Mitchell told the court that she was trained by the company All White 3000.

As well as receiving a fine, she was also ordered to pay £100 compensation to the victim and the GDC’s costs of £2,248.23.

The magistrates commented that the material All White 3000 had provided her with was unimpressive – which alongside the warning letters – should have caused her to question her ability to carry out tooth whitening legally.

Commenting on the case, Francesca Keen, Head of Illegal Practice at the General Dental Council, said: "The verdict sends a message that if you carry out illegal tooth whitening, you will be punished as tooth whitening must only be carried out by registered dental professionals.

“Ms Mitchell ignored our previous warnings to stop performing tooth whitening and we made it clear it was illegal to carry it out without being registered. Ms Mitchell does not have the skills, knowledge, training or experience to perform tooth whitening safely and it left the General Dental Council with little choice but to prosecute her.

“My message to the public is to always consult your dentist or check our register before you consider tooth whitening. Having treatments from someone not registered with the General Dental Council has the potential to cause harm and a risk of permanent damage.

"We are here to protect the public. We take allegations of illegal practice very seriously and consider every complaint, taking action in accordance with our prosecution policy which includes, where applicable, launching criminal prosecutions”.

Patients can check their dental professional is registered with the GDC on its website

Notes to editors

On 25 November 2015, Jade Mitchell who is not a registered dentist or dental care professional, did unlawfully carry on the business of dentistry, namely tooth whitening at Secrets Nail and Beauty Salon, 20 Market Street, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 5HP.

This is contrary to Section 38 (1) and (2) of the Dentists Act 1984.

While people may have received training, tooth whitening is still a practice of dentistry and must only be carried out by dental professionals who are registered with us.