The Gazette delivered online

We have moved the Gazette fully online. Explore the latest issue.

We have done this for several reasons.

Last minute additions can be made instantly so you get the most up to date news. We can offer a wider range of new features such as podcasts or downloadable case studies. We can direct you straight to extra information on our website on topics you are most interested in. 
This move also helps us become more cost-effective and more eco-friendly by cutting the use of paper.
We will continue to post registrants "must know" information and you can print the Gazette out if you prefer not to read it on screen. If you have feedback or questions, please email us at [email protected]

I am a dental professional and want to get the Gazette by email

If we do not have your email address, please join eGDC - the secure site for registrants. This way we will have your email address for the Gazette and you can also use eGDC for a range of tasks such as updating your continuing professional development hours or updating your contact details.

I am not a dental professional

The easiest way is to sign up to our monthly newsletter. We will include information about the Gazette in this short regular bulletin.