Events calendar - text version
DateNameEvent Type
13/09/2016Consultation on Interim orders guidance for the Interim Orders Committee (IOC)Consultation
23/08/2016Development of a generic framework for dental specialty curriculaConsultation
19/05/2016Removal of registrants’ full addresses from the online registerConsultation
01/02/2016Consultation on guidance on agreeing Undertakings and issuing Warnings for Case Examiners (Amendments to the Fitness to Practise Rules)Consultation
09/12/2015Council meetingKey Date
04/11/2015Council meetingKey Date
26/10/2015GDC Student Fitness to Practise ReviewConsultation
22/10/2015BDIA Dental Showcase 2015Industry Event
13/10/2015Consultation on the GDC's draft guidance on candour - being open and honest when things go wrongConsultation
12/10/2015Consultation on English language controls - making sure dental professionals have the necessary knowledge of English to practise in the UKConsultation
08/10/2015Draft guidance on the considerations for voluntary removal applicationsConsultation
06/10/2015ARF level consultationConsultation
02/10/2015Council meetingKey Date
14/09/2015Consultation on the General Dental Council's Draft Corporate Strategy 2016-2019Consultation
16/07/2015Council meetingKey Date
17/06/2015Council meetingKey Date
07/05/2015British Dental Conference and Exhibition 2015Industry Event
29/04/2015Council meetingKey Date
18/03/2015Council meetingKey Date
03/02/2015Council meetingKey Date
11/12/2014BDIA Midwinter MeetingIndustry Event
08/12/2014The consultation on the General Dental Council (Indemnity Arrangements) (Dentists and Dental Care Professionals) Rules Order of CouncilConsultation
08/12/2014Consultation on the overseas registration examination feesConsultation
04/12/2014Council MeetingKey Date
27/11/2014Lothian Public Dental ServiceIndustry Event
17/11/2014Consultation on changes to the GDC’s Fitness to Practise Rules 2006Consultation
10/11/2014Westminster Health Forum: Next steps for regulation in health and care, and improving patient safetyGDC Event
30/10/2014Council MeetingKey Date
29/10/2014Policy Knowledge: The Future of Dentistry and Oral Health in EnglandIndustry Event
27/10/2014Scottish Regulators ConferenceIndustry Event
17/10/2014Health Insurance Counter Fraud Group (HICFG) Annual ConferenceIndustry Event
09/10/2014BDIA Dental ShowcaseIndustry Event
04/10/2014British Association of Dental Nurses (BADN) Annual ConferenceIndustry Event
19/09/2014British Association of Clinical Dental Technology Annual ConferenceIndustry Event
18/09/2014Council MeetingKey Date
11/09/2014International Association of Medical Regulatory Authorities (IAMRA)Industry Event
04/09/2014Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow: The Francis ReportIndustry Event
24/07/2014Council MeetingKey Date
04/07/2014BDA law, ethics and record keepingIndustry Event
02/07/2014Westminster Health Forum Keynote Seminar: Dentistry 2014 - commissioning, regulation and the dental contractIndustry Event
01/07/2014Consumer Affairs & Trading Standards ConferenceIndustry Event
30/06/2014Consultation on the Annual Retention Fee (ARF) Level for 2015Consultation
18/06/2014Council MeetingKey Date
20/05/2014Council MeetingKey Date
01/05/2014Consultation on the General Dental Council Standards for Specialty EducationConsultation
01/05/2014GDC Consultation on Indicative Sanctions Guidance for the Professional Conduct CommitteeConsultation
16/04/2014General Dental Council annual retention fee (ARF) policy consultationConsultation
14/04/2014Consultation on the General Dental Council Standards for EducationConsultation
11/04/2014Presentation at British Dental Conference and Exhibition 2014Industry Event
10/04/2014British Dental Conference 2014Industry Event
04/04/2014Register Rules and RegulationsConsultation
01/04/2014Council MeetingKey Date
07/03/2014CPD in Dentistry: For the FutureGDC Event
20/02/2014Council MeetingKey Date
18/02/2014Standards in focus, CardiffGDC Event
29/01/2014Standards in focus event, BelfastGDC Event
29/01/2014DCS Advisory Board (proposed date)Key Date
11/12/2013Consultation on The General Dental Council (Continuing Professional Development) (Dentists and Dental Care Professionals) Rules Order of CouncilConsultation
05/12/2013Council MeetingKey Date
19/11/2013Standards in focus event, LondonGDC Event
12/11/2013Appointments CommitteeKey Date
07/11/2013Council Away DayKey Date
25/10/2013DCS Advisory Board (proposed date)Key Date
24/10/2013Standards in focus event, EdinburghGDC Event
17/10/2013Council meetingKey Date
17/10/2013Council meetingGDC Event
26/09/2013Council MeetingKey Date
26/09/2013Council meetingsGDC Event
12/09/2013Appointments CommitteeKey Date
04/09/2013Financial & Business Planning Advisory CommitteeKey Date
08/08/2013Council meetingKey Date
01/08/2013Review of Scope of PracticeConsultation
24/07/2013Audit CommitteeKey Date
24/07/2013DCS Advisory Board (proposed date)Key Date
22/07/2013Financial & Business Planning Advisory CommitteeKey Date
18/07/2013Remuneration CommitteeKey Date
16/07/2013Governance Reforms Task and Finish GroupKey Date
11/07/2013Policy Advisory CommitteeKey Date
20/06/2013Council meetingKey Date
19/06/2013Trading Standards Institute Conference 2013Industry Event
18/06/2013Appointments CommitteeKey Date
15/05/2013Audit CommitteeKey Date
14/05/2013Governance Reforms Task and Finish GroupKey Date
09/05/2013Remuneration CommitteeKey Date
26/04/2013DCS Advisory Board (proposed date)Key Date
25/04/2013BDA Conference 2013Industry Event
23/04/2013Policy Advisory CommitteeKey Date
17/04/2013Financial & Business Planning CommitteeKey Date
28/03/2013Council meetingKey Date
22/03/2013North East Dental Team CPD SymposiumIndustry Event
19/03/2013Remuneration CommitteeKey Date
13/03/2013Audit CommitteeKey Date
28/02/2013Policy Advisory CommitteeKey Date
27/02/2013The GatheringIndustry Event
22/02/2013Appointments CommitteeKey Date
22/02/2013Financial & Business Planning Advisory CommitteeKey Date
14/02/2013Council meeting 14 February 2013Key Date
12/02/2013Remuneration CommitteeKey Date
06/02/2013Audit CommitteeKey Date
12/12/2012Policy Advisory CommitteeKey Date
06/12/2012Council MeetingKey Date
05/12/2012DCS Advisory BoardKey Date
27/11/2012Remuneration CommitteeKey Date
24/11/2012British Association of Dental Nurses ConferenceIndustry Event
21/11/2012Audit CommitteeKey Date
16/11/2012Appointments CommitteeKey Date
14/11/2012Financial & Business Planning CommitteeKey Date
09/11/2012BSDHT Conference 2012Industry Event
07/11/2012Council AwaydayKey Date
07/11/2012Council meeting 7 November 2012Key Date
26/10/2012Appointments CommitteeKey Date
25/10/2012Remuneration CommitteeKey Date
10/10/2012Policy Advisory CommitteeKey Date
04/10/2012BDTA Dental ShowcaseIndustry Event
03/10/2012Direct Access ConsultationConsultation
03/10/2012Consultation on the draft Standards of Conduct, Performance and EthicsConsultation
02/10/2012CPD consultation 2012Consultation
27/09/2012Council MeetingKey Date
26/09/2012Council meeting (Afternoon)Key Date
07/09/2012Appointments CommitteeKey Date
05/09/2012Financial & Business Planning CommitteeKey Date
16/08/2012Policy Advisory CommitteeKey Date
02/08/2012Council meetingKey Date
27/07/2012Governance Reforms Task & Finish GroupKey Date
25/07/2012Audit CommitteeKey Date
18/07/2012Remuneration CommitteeKey Date
12/07/2012Financial & Business Planning CommitteeKey Date
29/06/2012Policy Advisory CommitteeKey Date
12/06/2012Appointments CommitteeKey Date
29/05/2012Law Commission Consultation Task & Finish GroupKey Date
23/05/2012Governance Reforms Task & Finish GroupKey Date
18/05/2012Dental Technology ShowcaseIndustry Event
18/05/2012DCS Advisory BoardKey Date
17/05/2012Council MeetingKey Date
03/05/2012Remuneration CommitteeKey Date
26/04/2012BDA British Dental Conference and ExhibitionIndustry Event
24/04/2012Law Commission Consultation Task & Finish GroupKey Date
18/04/2012Financial & Business Planning CommitteeKey Date
04/04/2012Audit CommitteeKey Date
03/04/2012Law Commission Consultation Task & Finish GroupKey Date
03/04/2012Governance Reforms Task & Finish GroupKey Date
29/03/2012Policy Advisory CommitteeKey Date
26/03/2012Survey on standards for educationConsultation
22/03/2012Vitality ShowIndustry Event
21/03/2012Meet the GDC (Deganwy Quay, near Llandudno)GDC Event
07/03/2012Audit CommitteeKey Date
02/03/2012Dentistry Show 2012Industry Event
28/02/2012Meet the GDC GlasgowGDC Event
28/02/2012Appointments CommitteeKey Date
23/02/2012Council MeetingKey Date
08/02/2012Remuneration CommitteeKey Date
06/02/2012Modernisation of the GDC's fitness to practise proceduresConsultation
02/02/2012Meet the GDC (Derry-Londonderry)GDC Event
02/02/2012Governance Reforms Task & Finish GroupKey Date
26/01/2012Meet the GDC (Bristol)GDC Event
08/12/2011Council MeetingKey Date
07/12/2011Education CommitteeKey Date
07/12/2011Revalidation Working GroupKey Date
29/11/2011Finance & Human Resources CommitteeKey Date
18/11/2011Registration CommitteeKey Date
18/11/2011British Society of Dental Hygiene and Therapists (BSDHT) conferenceIndustry Event
15/11/2011Audit CommitteeKey Date
08/11/2011Meet the GDC (Newcastle)GDC Event
07/11/2011Appointments CommitteeKey Date
20/10/2011Dental ShowcaseIndustry Event
17/10/2011Modernisation of the GDC's Fitness to Practise proceduresKey Date
07/10/2011ORE Examination BoardKey Date
22/09/2011Council MeetingKey Date
21/09/2011Education CommitteeKey Date
15/09/2011Finance & Human Resources CommitteeKey Date
15/09/2011Standards CommitteeKey Date
07/09/2011Revalidation Working GroupKey Date
01/09/2011Appointments CommitteeKey Date
18/08/2011Registration CommitteeKey Date
02/08/2011Fitness to Practise Policy CommitteeKey Date
26/07/2011Council Member appraisal Task & Finish Group MeetingsKey Date
21/07/2011Audit CommitteeKey Date
21/07/2011Education CommitteeKey Date
08/07/2011CPD review questionnaireConsultation
27/06/2011Finance & Human Resources CommitteeKey Date
24/06/2011ORE Examination BoardKey Date
15/06/2011Standards CommitteeKey Date
15/06/2011Review of StandardsConsultation
03/06/2011Appointments CommitteeKey Date
01/06/2011Revalidation Working GroupKey Date
25/05/2011You and the General Dental Council, CardiffGDC Event
24/05/2011Council Member appraisal Task and Finish Group MeetingKey Date
24/05/2011Council Member appraisal Task and Finish Group MeetingKey Date
20/05/2011Council MeetingKey Date
19/05/2011Registration CommitteeKey Date
19/05/2011British Dental Conference and ExhibitionIndustry Event
04/05/2011Education CommitteeKey Date
03/05/2011Fitness to Practise Policy CommitteeKey Date
26/04/2011Review of the temporary registration guidelinesConsultation
18/04/2011Finance & Human Resources CommitteeKey Date
11/04/2011Audit CommitteeKey Date
07/04/2011Committee Structure Working GroupKey Date
06/04/2011Standards CommitteeKey Date
06/04/2011Council Member appraisal Task and Finish Group MeetingsKey Date
25/03/2011ORE Examination BoardKey Date
23/03/2011You and the General Dental Council, EdinburghGDC Event
10/03/2011Audit CommitteeKey Date
09/03/2011Revalidation Working GroupKey Date
25/02/2011Registration CommitteeKey Date
24/02/2011Council MeetingKey Date
18/02/2011Appointments CommitteeKey Date
17/02/2011You and the General Dental Council, BirminghamGDC Event
17/02/2011Finance & Human Resources CommitteeKey Date
08/02/2011Education CommitteeKey Date
04/02/2011Employee Benefits Working GroupKey Date
02/02/2011Fitness to Practise Policy CommitteeKey Date
01/02/2011Committee Structure Working GroupKey Date
27/01/2011Specialist Dental Education BoardKey Date
26/01/2011Audit CommitteeKey Date
19/01/2011Standards CommitteeKey Date
14/10/2010Revalidation consultationConsultation
03/09/2010Learning outcomes consultationConsultation
01/07/2010Principles of ethical advertisingConsultation