Advice on raising concerns

We are committed to promoting best practice throughout the dental industry and have issued new advice on the issue of whistleblowing, ‘speak up’ and the raising of concerns.  

All dental professionals have a professional responsibility to speak up if they witness treatment or behaviour which poses a risk to patients or colleagues. We have developed this advice to help those we regulate to raise a concern in the right way. 

A key element of this is ensuring that there is a shared culture of openness and honesty in which the raising of concerns is welcomed, staff raising a concern are listened to and where it is clear that the concern will be acted upon. When this works, it is to the benefit of patients, colleagues and the health system itself. 

We have developed advice for registrants on raising a concern in order to give clear information on how to approach this issue, what to expect from employers in the sector and when to approach us. 

We have also developed advice for those in a position to receive and act upon a concern to set out the standards we expect in fostering a culture that encourages the raising of concerns and expects an effective response.

For more information or support on raising a concern, we provide a free independent and confidential advice line that is provided by Public Concern at Work.

Public Concern at Work are a leading charity who provide advice to workers who are unsure whether or how to raise a public interest concern. 

Confidential advice line: 0800 668 1329