Education and quality assurance

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All UK courses leading to registration as a dental professional are subject to quality assurance undertaken by the GDC.
We scrutinise existing and new courses that lead to registration for both dentists and DCPs. We do this through the consideration of new course submissions, an annual monitoring exercise and inspections.
General information about the GDC QA Process can be found in the following document:
The QA Process.pdfThe QA process (180KB, PDF) 
When we carry out an inspection, the inspection team produces a report on their findings. You can find these reports on the programme and qualification pages for each profession below.

Programmes and qualifications

Only people with qualifications from programmes that have been found to be sufficient for registration are able to apply for registration. You can check your qualification on the relevant page listed below. If your qualification is not listed, please check our list of approved discontinued qualifications or contact us to find out what to do next.

Dental therapists and dental hygienists
Dental nurses
Dental technicians
Clinical dental technicians
Orthodontic therapists

Education and training standards

We have developed a set of Standards that we expect courses that lead to registration to demonstrate. These Standards for education are the framework of our processes and can be found in the following document.  Revisions to these have been agreed by Council and the updated Standards can be found below.  Programmes quality assured from the 2015/2016 academic year onwards, will be assessed against this revised document.

Standards for Education (v2 revised 2015).pdfStandards for Education (revised 2015)  (448KB, PDF)

The previous version of the Standards can be found below:

Standards for Education (200KB, PDF)

The Standards for education describe those areas that we will focus on when we quality assure education and training programmes that lead to first registration as a dentist or DCP. The Standards for education form the framework for all of the GDC's quality assurance activity.

Find out more about the Standards for education and the recent survey.

The learning outcomes for each of the professions that we register are contained in the document Preparing for practice. Minor revisions have been made to this document and the revised version can be found below. The amendments to Preparing for practice will apply to all quality assurance activity from the 2015/2016 academic year.

Preparing for Practice (revised 2015).pdfPreparing for Practice (revised 2015)   (1.25MB, PDF)

The previous version of Preparing for practice can be found below:

Preparing for practice (565KB, PDF)

 Read more about how we worked with stakeholders to develop the new learning outcomes. Preparing for practice replaces the previous curricula:

Complaints or concerns about an education or training provider

As well as quality assuring programmes for registration with the GDC, we will also investigate and, if necessary, act upon concerns which may be raised about such programmes. 

Find out more about how to raise concerns about an education or training provider.