Dental team learning outcomes

Learning outcomes

Our ‘Preparing for Practice – Dental Team Learning Outcomes for Registration’ are for all courses that lead to registration with the GDC.

They aim to:

  • ​have a greater patient focus and put their interests and needs first;
  • meet current and future oral health needs;
  • cover the full range of skills, knowledge and behaviours needed to work in dental practice (i.e. clinical, professionalism, communication, and management and leadership);
  • cover all registrant categories in one publication with a consistent approach;
  • allow more flexibility for training providers.
​Both the dentists’ curriculum ‘The First Five Years’ and the DCP curricula ‘Developing the Dental Team’ are being replaced with this new combined publication.

The learning outcomes will now be incorporated into training programmes and assessments. This may take some time to be fully implemented. 

Developing learning outcomes

The learning outcomes have been in development since 2009,  on the recommendations in the Strategic Review Group’s Final Report to the Education Committee, April 2008.
Draft outcomes were developed in conjunction with a range of stakeholders.
These included:
  • a strategic team with a strong background in and commitment to meeting current and future dental public health needs, plus an educationalist
  • feedback groups for each registration category covering all the areas of subject and educational expertise
  • Public and patients (focussed research with a wide range of patients).
A 12 week web-based public consultation on the drafts opened on 13 September 2010 and closed on 3 December 2010.
We then carried out further work on the technical educational issues and guidance, and specific clinical issues. Changes were made changes to the guidance and outcomes in relation to the responses provided. 

The content of the final draft was approved at Education Committee on 4 May 2011 and was noted at Council on 20 May 2011:

Learning outcomes publication

Summary table of outcomes

This draft went to Council on 24 September 2011, with improvements to the design and presentation, for final approval.  This led to the publication of our new publication:


‘Preparing for Practice – Dental Team Learning Outcomes for Registration’.



Workshops were held in February 2012 to enable education and training providers to discuss with the GDC the implementation of the learning outcomes and the GDC’s new outcomes based quality assurance process.  
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