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​Complaints about the GDC

We are committed to receiving, responding to and learning from complaints about our work swiftly as part of our commitment to continuously improve the service we offer. Our aim is that wherever possible we will solve a problem on the spot. If it can’t be resolved quickly we will let you know how long we expect it will take to investigate and resolve.

Is my complaint justified?

We view complaints as an important and useful source of feedback about how we have performed. Many people are reluctant to complain or express a concern that they may have, but if you have had a negative experience or if we did not meet your expectations, then you are most certainly justified in informing us of your concerns – we want to hear from you.

As the regulator of the dental team, some of the decisions we make are based on policy or regulations. This type of decision will not be reversed unless investigation of a complaint shows that the policy or regulation has been wrongly applied. But we still want your feedback so that we can evaluate the fairness and impact of our standards, the regulations and policies that we uphold.

What will you do?

We will acknowledge your complaint as soon as possible after we receive it, and ask for any extra information we need to help us resolve your complaint in a timely manner. After establishing what the problem is and what solutions we can offer to resolve the problem, we will agree a timeframe with you for resolving your complaint effectively. We will let you know what you can expect. If the outcome of our investigation into your complaint does not satisfy you, we will offer you the right to have the matter reconsidered by a senior member of staff.

How do I make a complaint about the GDC?

You can make a complaint verbally or in writing.  If you would like to make your complaint in writing, please complete the complaint form below, or download the booklet and send your complaint by post. If you would like to make your complaint verbally, please call our Customer Advice and Information Team on +44 (0)20 7167 6000 (UK local rate). 

CustomerComplaintsBooklet.pdfBooklet: How to make a complaint about the GDC (126KB, PDF)

GeneralDentalCouncilsComplaintHandlingPolicy.pdfGDC's complaint handling policy (115KB, PDF)

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Customer service complaint form 

You can submit your complaint to us using the form below. If you would like to find out how we use information you give us, please read our privacy statement.