Who we work with

Who we work with​

The General Dental Council engages with a variety of other organisations, regulators and bodies representing patient care and healthcare profe​ssionals.

Regulation of Dental Services Programme Board (RDSPB)​

The Regulation of Dental Services Programme Board (NHS England, the NHS Business Services Authority, the Department of Health, the Care Quality Commission, the General Dental Council and Healthwatch England) have published a statement on dental complaints to ensure there is a shared understanding of the correct route for complaints among providers.

The statement has been produced in recognition of the fact that:

  • The dental complaints system is complex and confusing for patients, providers and regulators – especially given the mixed public/private provision of dental services;
  • Overlaps between organisations bring a lack of clarity, with multiple organisations potentially responsible for different aspects of the same complaint;
  • There is a lack of consistency: different organisations are subject to different timeframes for dealing with complaints, and cover different nations of the UK;
  • Patients who initially approach the ‘wrong’ body may then be lost to the system completely. 

The primary audience for the statement is providers, who will be able to check that their patient-facing materials and processes are compatible with it. The national bodies that are signed up the statement will also use it as a basis for their communication with patients.

Introduction to statement on dental complaints​

Sharing inf​ormation

We have a number of formal agreements in place with various organisations describing how we work together effectively and efficiently to protect, promote, and maintain the health and safety of patients and the public.

​​​​​​​​The General Dental Counci​l is not limited to sharing information only where such a formal agreement exists. For example, the GDC can share any information relating to a person’s fitness to practise as a dentist or dental care professional, through the powers in The Dentists Act 1984, where it is considered to be in the public interest for the information to be disclosed.​


 Current agreements


Care Quality Commission

Care Quality Commission​ (CQC) is the independent regulator of health care and adult social care services in England. CQC also protects the interests of people whose rights are restricted under the Mental Health Act.

This agreementGDC - CQC ISA.pdfGDC - CQC ISA.pdf has been in place since 18 November 2013.has been in place since 18 November 2013.


Disclosure and Barring Service

The Disclosure and Barring Service​ (DBS) helps employers make safer recruitment decisions and prevent unsuitable people from working with vulnerable groups, including children. It replaces the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) and Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA).

This agreementGDC - DBS MOU.pdfGDC - DBS MOU.pdf has been in place since March 2015.


Health Inspectorate Wales

Health Inspectorate Wales​ (HIW) inspect NHS and independent healthcare organisations in Wales against a range of standards, policies, guidance and regulations and take immediate action if they determine that the safety and quality of healthcare does not meet required standards.

This agreementGDC - HIW MOU.pdfGDC - HIW MOU.pdf has been in place since 24 February 2015.

NHS England

NHS England​ works with NHS staff, patients, stakeholders and the public to improve the health outcomes for people in England.

This agreementGDC - NHS England ISA.pdfGDC - NHS England ISA.pdf has been in place since 31 March 2015.

NHS Protect

NHS Protect​ leads on a wide range of work to protect NHS staff and resources from crime. It has national responsibility for tackling:


  • fraud
  • violence 
  • bribery 
  • corruption 
  • criminal damage 
  • theft 
  • other unlawful action such as market-fixing.​
This agreementGDC - NHS Protect MOU.pdfGDC - NHS Protect MOU.pdf has been in place since 24 March 2015.has been in place since 24 March 2015.

NHS Practitioner Health Programme

​The NHS Practitioner Health Programme​ is an award winning, free and confidential NHS service for doctors and dentists with issues relating to a mental or physical health concern or addiction problem, in particular where these might affect their work.

This renewed agreementGDC - PHP MOU.pdfGDC - PHP MOU.pdf has been in place since 14 April 2016.

Scottish Public Services Ombudsman

​The Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (SPSO)​ is the final stage for complaints about councils, the National Health Service, housing associations, colleges and universities, prisons, most water providers, the Scottish Government and its agencies and departments and most Scottish authorities.

This agreementGDC - SPSO MOU.pdfGDC - SPSO MOU.pdf has been in place since 11 February 2016.

Gibraltar Medical Registration Board

​The Gibraltar Health Authority Board​ means the Board established under Section 3 of the Medical (Gibraltar Health Authority) Act 1987.

It shall be the principal duty of the Authority to carry out the functions conferred upon it by the (Gibraltar Health Authority) Act 1987 or any other Medical Act so far as practicable.

This agreementGDC - GMRB MOU.pdfGDC - GMRB MOU.pdf has been in place since 15 July 2015.

Healthcare Improvement Scotland

​Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS) is the national healthcare improvement organisation for Scotland and part of NHS Scotland. They work with staff who provide care in hospitals, GP practices, clinics, NHS boards and with patients, carers, communities and the public.

This agreementGDC - HIS MOU.pdfGDC - HIS MOU.pdf has been in place since 2 June 2016.​

National Police Chiefs' Council

The National Police Chiefs’ Council​ (NPCC) helps the police cut crime and keep the public safe by joining up the operational response to the most serious and strategic threats. Focusing on operational delivery and developing national approaches on issues such as finance, technology and human resources, we work closely with the College of Policing, which is responsible for developing professional standards.

This agreementGDC - ACRO NPCC ISA.pdfGDC - ACRO NPCC ISA.pdf has been in place since ​22 May 2015.


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