Policy development
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Policy development 

The development of our regulatory policies take account of the perspective, opinions and experience of all our stakeholders – including registrants, patients and the public, educators, employers, policy and law makers.

We do this by incorporating informal and formal engagement and taking part in networks and groups.  We conduct research, or draw on that of others, and proactively seek feedback. We also pilot and test any policy proposals where appropriate. 

Policies are discussed and approved by Council before being implemented. Details of Council meetings and Council papers are published online.

Patients, Professionals, Partners, Performance, our roadmap for 2016, represents an important milestone for the GDC as an organisation. With a focus on working with patients, the ​dental team and our partners, the GDC is committed to becoming a high performing, efficient, fair and transparent regulator. 

Patients, Professionals, Partners, Performance as well as our Business Plan, detail our plans to achieve this:

Patients Professionals Partners Performance_GDC road map 2016_2019.pdfPatients Professionals Partners Performance 2016 - 2019 (340 KB)
GDC Business Plan.pdfBusiness Plan.pdf 2016 (408KB)

Welsh Versions:

GDC 4Ps_Welsh.pdfGDC 4Ps_Welsh.pdf

GDC Business Plan_Welsh.pdfGDC Business Plan_Welsh.pdf

You can watch a video of GDC Chief Executive Ian Brack discussing the Four P's here:


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Policies under development

Find out more about our work here and in our Research Library:​