Monitoring and improving our performance

GDC action plan - PSA whistleblowing report

On 21 December, the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) published a report into how the GDC handled a whistleblowing incident back in 2013. The report related to how, now historic processes of our Fitness to Practise function.

The GDC has now had time to consider the report and has published an action plan that details how the additional learning from the PSA will be embedded, building on the improvements that have already been made since 2013. 

Bill Moyes’ reflections on the discussion by the Council about what this report meant for the GDC can be found here. In addition to this, we have produced an action report -PSA Investigation Report Action February_2016.pdfPSA Investigation Report Action February_2016.pdf - detailing exactly what we need to do, and how we apply this recent learning from the PSA, to improve as an organisation. 

We have also written to the PSA, Secretary of State for Health and the Chair of the Health Select Committee. These can be found below:
Letter to the PSA.pdfLetter to the PSA.pdf
Letter to Secretary of State for Health.pdfLetter to Secretary of State for Health.pdf
Letter to the Health Select Committee.pdfLetter to the Health Select Committee.pdf

You can read more about the improvements that the GDC will make to its performance over the next three years in Patients, Professionals, Partners, Performance; our roadmap for 2016 – 2019.

We replied to the open letter from Dr Mick Armstrong of the BDA. 

Fitness to Practise reforms

​We have embarked on an extensive range of reforms of our fitness to practise processes. Reforms have already been implemented, in particular those aimed at speeding up the most serious cases and resolving less serious cases at the earliest opportunity and we have implemented a new IT case management system. These reforms are essential at a time when the number of complaints continues to rise. We will improve the management of fitness to practise cases further by introducing more fundamental procedural changes which require changes to our legislation.

Find out more about our Fitness to Practise reforms.

Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care

The Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care (previously called the Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence or CHRE) oversees statutory bodies that regulate health and social care professionals in the UK. It assesses their performance, conducts audits, scrutinises their decisions and reports to Parliament.

Response to 2012 CHRE performance report
Response to 2012 fitness to practise audit report 

Performance reports to Council

Council meetings receive a quarterly report detailing the GDC's performance. This includes information about:

  • Registers: e.g. how many dental professionals have joined or left the registers, whether new registrants qualified overseas or in the UK
  • Quality assurance: e.g. how many education inspections we have carried out
  • Fitness to practise and hearings: e.g. volume of cases/hearings
  • Dental Complaints Service: e.g. numbers of complaints received and resolved.
Performance reports can be downloaded from Council meeting papers.