Request a speaker

Request a speaker

As the regulator of dentists and dental care professionals it is important that we tell the public about our role in protecting their wellbeing, inform and education our registrants as to the benefits of regulation and what we require of them and communicate our successes to stakeholders.  Our Council members and staff regularly speak at events and to various groups.

We will try to meet as many requests as possible within our available resources. Requests to address larger groups (50+) are more likely to be successful. We will not pass on your information to any other organisation.

If you would like us to come and talk to you about our work, please complete a speaker request form and return it to
We have criteria that we evaluate all requests against in order to make a decision on whether we can accept a speaking engagement request. This helps to ensure that we make the best use of our resources. We will take into account factors such as the size of the audience.
We will inform the organisers whether or not we are able to attend, giving as much notice as possible.
We will try to meet the organiser’s deadlines for delivery of speeches and slides (if appropriate), but this will depend on operational factors and so cannot be guaranteed in all circumstances. As a rule, speeches or slides produced by us are on the standard GDC template.
There may be circumstances when we cannot guarantee to provide a speaker as arranged. If a representative is unable to honour a commitment he or she will give as much notice as possible and will endeavour to find a replacement however this may not always be possible.
We also reserve the right to withdraw a speaker if the numbers fall below the minimum numbers expected (the GDC will only speak to larger groups of 50+). 

What we can talk about

 Our speaking engagement policy helps promote our communications objectives:

To increase knowledge and of patient and public expectation in dental care;
  • Extend engagement with the public through improved access to information about the GDC;
  • Engaging with registrants to increase understanding of the benefits of regulation, the work of Council and what is required of them;
  • Engaging with employers, government. Educators, professionals bodies and other regulators;
  • Continue to build relationships and increase understanding through meetings with stakeholders in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
  • Continue to participate in national, UK and international regulatory forums.

We are able to provide speakers on these topics but are unable to give legal or clinical advice.  


Following a presentation, we will provide feedback to the organisers if appropriate or requested. We are keen to make sure we meet the expectations of our stakeholders and therefore require feedback from event delegates to help us improve future presentations. We will also ask our speakers for feedback about the event. We will send a link to an online survey which should be emailed by organisers to the delegates.
If you are asking us to speak at events which will count as continuing professional development for delegates, we will expect to see copies of feedback about our session for our records. 

What organisers should do

Event organisers should fill out our speaker request form. This will provide us with all appropriate information on the subject area, the proposed audience, the (proposed) other speakers, the scale and nature of the event, along with an indication of the length of time we are expected to speak. We require sufficient time to decide on our participation and - should we decide to participate - to prepare (for example, to create materials, secure diary space or research material relevant to the audience).

The request should be made at least three month before the event in order to give us sufficient time to make a decision about whether to accept the request, and to prepare for the event if we do accept.

Event organisers Event organisers should email

We also ask organisers not to approach several persons within the GDC in parallel. 

As said, our principal reason for undertaking speaking engagements is to achieve the objectives outlined above in the interests of the GDC.

If you would like us to come and talk to you about our work, please complete a speaker request form like us to come and talk to you about our work, please complete a speaker request form and email it to

Speaker request form